An Interview With The Designer

A look inside Patricia's favorite things in jewelry design & her collection:

Favorite piece in the entire Déesse Jewelry line:
I love all the pieces in my line and create pieces that I would wear personally, but one of my first ever designs, The Reflection pendant with rose de france definitely holds a special place.

Signature style for Déesse Jewelry:
Very ethereal, effortless and feminine... but leaves a lasting impression. 

Symbol/Imagery for Déesse Jewelry:
The symbol of the waxing, full, and waning moon in my logo which represents feminine energy and the goddesses within women. 

Gemstones to incorporate into pieces:
I use an array of natural gemstones in my designs but my favorite ones to use are moonstones and opals which have an other-worldly aura to them.

Source of inspiration for Déesse Jewelry:
Most of my inspiration come spontaneously from the natural colors and forms found in nature, from the potential I imagine when looking at a gemstone (a beautiful work of nature in itself) and from memories of art and travel. 

Déesse Jewelry piece for wearing daily:
I have worn the same simple moonstone pendant necklace since the very start of my career and will be releasing a similar pendant soon in my line named Tidal, which references the influence of the moon on our ocean tides.

Déesse Jewelry piece to wear on a date night:
Definitely a lariat necklace which has such an alluring silhouette for a LBD. 

Déesse Jewelry piece for a bride:
Something timeless to go with the occasion like pearls or a little something blue (a blue gemstone like aquamarine?)

Advice for engagement ring:
A piece that compliments the woman's style taking account of her personal preferences and lifestyle. Looking into what she loves like her favorite movies and books can give you a clue. If all else fails, embark on the actual ring shopping experience together so she receives a ring she loves.

Type of jewelry to receive as a gift:
I love rose gold and rose cut diamonds and gemstones.

Type of jewelry to give as a gift:
Something personal – stones hold a lot of personal qualities and energies…so any piece with a beautiful natural stone that complements the receiver.

Latest jewelry trend:
A throwback to artisan-created jewelry handcrafted using old ways and traditions as opposed to mass-produced pieces.  We are seeing this in alternative bridal and ceremonial rings which truly reflects the bride/couple.

Piece of jewelry you fantasize about owning:
I dream of owning a moonstone piece from Temple St.Clair, one of my favorite designers.